Minting soon
What are the AJIN / Youth Rebels?
Ajin Youth Rebels (AYOR) is the official NFT collection by X2Y2. The 10K Ajin(亜人) Rebels are forced to fight against the Centre Empire by humans, and protect their own homeland with their born abilities and magic. Ajins look like human beings but inherits more animalistic characteristics like ears and horns from their ancestors.
Grow with Community
With the power of Dynamic NFTs (dNFTs), our young rebels will have chance to upgrade its rarities in the future.
Always Privileged
When X2Y2 starts new reward campaigns, AYOR holders will always get better chances to win, or even earn doubled rewards than other users.
AYOR Gatherings
We'll hold events periodically in AYOR community, airdropping popular NFTs and other good stuff to the raffle winners. Rare ones will get better chances.
Rebel Map
Free Airdrop in May

Directly to 1000 ILO players.

X2Y2 Buyer Reward Boost

Get 2x~4x more buyer rewards for AYOR holders

Whitelist Mint

Reserved for whitelists

Start after public auction

Lottery Airdrop
Meetthe team.

A super normal schoolgirl who loves drawing all kinds of figures, with ears.


Designer, illustrator.

Live with one siamese cat.

Slight allergy to cat fur.


Partner illustrator.

2D/3D artist.

She is a bunny.


Our all-in-one developer.

Always busy.

How many "Ajin Youth Rebels" NFTs will be available?
It will be a 10K collection on Ethereum.
What is the mint price?
Whitelist mint will cost <TBA> and Public mint will cost <TBA>.
Which marketplace will Ajin Youth Rebels (AYOR) be listed on?
You can buy AYOR on secondary markets such as X2Y2, OpenSea and etc.
How can I get whitelisted?
You should follow our Twitter for the latest updates.